what about us?
depends who you ask.

According to us, Free Range Improv (affectionately referred to as FRI) is the most amusing laugh riot to attack the streets of downtown Annapolis! 

Improvisational comedy is not new, nor is Annapolis for that matter, but we are proud to answer the call for affordable, alternative, and hilarious entertainment. FRI is THE local interactive comedy experience that puts you in control of the show! 

We mix two parts classic improv, two parts clever audience, and one part potentially hazardous trial and error with inside jokes and local color for a comedy cocktail that will wake up nighttime Naptown!

Curious? Come see us!  We’re right under your nose, and we’re itching to make you laugh. After all, Free Range Improv is locally sourced, organically grown, and Certified Funny!

r you!

Meet Our Funny Faces
All told, our diversely hilarious cast has over 309 years of experience being laughed at.  Click here to meet them.

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